[Ubuntu-US-CA] Fwd: Last Minute Beta 1 Coverage! Prepare your ISOs :-)

Grant Bowman grantbow at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 04:39:41 UTC 2010

I just sent this to loco-contacts.  Beta 1 is Thurs (morning for us).
If you care to help, please do.  Syncing the images will speed the
time to get a final image on your machine if you care for it.  I'm
curious to see where the close box ends up, lol.


Grant Bowman

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From: Grant Bowman <grantbow at gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 9:01 PM
Subject: Last Minute Beta 1 Coverage! Prepare your ISOs :-)
To: loco-contacts at lists.ubuntu.com
Cc: ubuntu-qa at lists.ubuntu.com

Hello Folks,

This is a quick reminder that ISO test coverage takes place just
before the release of Beta 1 on Thursday, March 18th.  The coverage
chart [1] could use some help getting filled in more completely,
especially if you happen to have interests in ARM, Ubuntu Enterprise
Cloud, Server or [2] ubiquity, the Live CD menu.  Testing focuses on
checking for unexpected installation and minimal functionality issues.
 Rsyncing [3] the images also speeds up the process for getting final
release images as they are [4] released.

An introduction [5] to Testing (ISO and otherwise) for LoCo leaders
and members has been created for this or maybe the next test cycle.
Feedback is encouraged.


Grant Bowman

[1] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all
[2] http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com/
[3] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RsyncCdImage
[4] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com
[5] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/LoCos

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