[Ubuntu-US-CA] Meeting Tomorrow (3/6)

Neal Bussett neal at bussett.com
Sat Mar 6 22:48:54 UTC 2010

> Just a quick question.  Your subject says "Meeting Tomorrow (3/6) but is
  > dated today which is 3/6.  So is it today (3/6) or tomorrow (3/7)?
  > Sorry if I misunderstand but I am new to this list and IRC as well. 
Hi Andy,
That's totally just me and a PEBKAC error.  Tomorrow is the 7th, and 
that's when we're having our meeting. 
The URL for the meeting is also: 
Power outages make computers unhappy, so I've been dancing with 
recovery/reinstllation all weekend and it's apparently reduced my 
ability to properly read a calendar. 
On a related topic, anyone know good / bad brands for Uninterruptable 
Power Supplies?
(and sorry for breaking threading, my webmail is stupid)
Neal Bussett
Ubuntu California

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