[Ubuntu-US-CA] Meeting Tomorrow (3/6)

Robert Brown robert at the-martin-byrd.net
Sat Mar 6 23:09:40 UTC 2010

Neal Bussett wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> That's totally just me and a PEBKAC error.  Tomorrow is the 7th, and 
> that's when we're having our meeting. 
> The URL for the meeting is also: 
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10March07

Thanks Neal,

I had a chance to meet some of the LA area people at SCaLE and looking
forward to the meet.

> Power outages make computers unhappy, so I've been dancing with 
> recovery/reinstllation all weekend and it's apparently reduced my 
> ability to properly read a calendar. 

I know that I can relate to that. :(

> Neal Bussett
> Ubuntu California

(IRC Nick therabi)

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