[Ubuntu-US-CA] No "Meeting" Tonight (5/31)

Neal Bussett neal at bussett.com
Sun May 31 18:53:44 UTC 2009

Howdy All,

Our agenda for tonight only consists of following up on things we've
been discussing which have been moved to the mailing list.

So, we're going to try out something different tonight.  We won't be
holding a formal meeting on IRC.  Instead, take some time and chime in
on the recent mailing list threads.

There will definitely be people in our IRC channel (#ubuntu-california
on Freenode) if you want to come and chat as well, but our primary
source of communication will be the mailing list.

We have two topics that we're planning on discussing:
OSCON Booth stuff (power, planning, etc):
and continuing the Installfest discussion we had at the last meeting
(which doesn't currently have a thread on the ML).

You can re-read the logs of the last meeting here:

There might be some topics that I've overlooked from previous meetings
or ML thread, those are fair game as well.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, Sunday, June 14th, 7pm.

See you on the list!

Neal Bussett
Ubuntu California

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