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Paul Reiber paul at reiber.org
Thu May 7 22:15:13 UTC 2009

Nathan's take on this (Canonical representing itself; LoCos
representing Ubuntu) correlates well with my prior experience at shows
up in SFO.  Independent of the approved/unapproved issue, one thing
which DOES make tremendous sense it to coordinate with those
individuals in Canonical who are in charge of _their_ booth - ensuring
they know there'll be another Ubuntu-focused booth at the show.

If they know, ahead-of-time, that we'll be there, they can (especially
if nudged/reminded/bribed-a-little to!) bring extra kitch, extra CDs,
extra T-shirts, extra flyers, etc.   At least, up in SFO, they were
happy to hand me boxes and boxes of stuff to give away from our LoCo
booth; here's hoping that's a "general policy" and not simply a result
of my particular ability to schmooze.

Yes - Talking with Canonical ahead-of-time makes BOATLOADS of sense.

On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 10:53 PM, Nathan Haines <nhaines at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Grant Bowman wrote:
>> Given the size and visibility of Oscon within the Open Source
>> community this leads me to feel that seeking some kind of nod from or
>> at least notification to the ubuntu-marketing list before our
>> unapproved loco represents Ubuntu broadly at this event would be a
>> good idea.  It would be nice to know as much as we can about Canonical
>> presences.  Perhaps they have not documented or avoided this show in
>> the past for reasons we don't know.  Talking with them seems in
>> keeping with the Code of Conduct's [1] "When you are unsure, ask for
>> help" clause and the Ubuntu concept in general, don't you thin?
> Broadly speaking, Canonical does not have the manpower to represent
> Ubuntu at most events, and the unapproved LoCos are just as empowered to
> present Ubuntu as the approved teams (approval mostly being a control
> process for distributing swag and supplies).  Canonical prefers to
> represent itself and rely on active LoCos to represent Ubuntu.  I also
> have it from a handful of Canonical employees that California Team has
> lived up to expectations at past shows.  We shouldn't worry about or
> wait for them to begin planning Ubuntu's presence there.
> We should definitely look for opportunities to work together.  This can
> only improve the offerings of Canonical as well as Ubuntu.  But let's
> plan our booth and reach out to Canonical simultaneously.  They probably
> are planning something for OSCON.
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