[Ubuntu-US-CA] OSCON

Nathan Haines nhaines at ubuntu.com
Thu May 7 05:53:59 UTC 2009

Grant Bowman wrote:
> Given the size and visibility of Oscon within the Open Source
> community this leads me to feel that seeking some kind of nod from or
> at least notification to the ubuntu-marketing list before our
> unapproved loco represents Ubuntu broadly at this event would be a
> good idea.  It would be nice to know as much as we can about Canonical
> presences.  Perhaps they have not documented or avoided this show in
> the past for reasons we don't know.  Talking with them seems in
> keeping with the Code of Conduct's [1] "When you are unsure, ask for
> help" clause and the Ubuntu concept in general, don't you thin?
Broadly speaking, Canonical does not have the manpower to represent 
Ubuntu at most events, and the unapproved LoCos are just as empowered to 
present Ubuntu as the approved teams (approval mostly being a control 
process for distributing swag and supplies).  Canonical prefers to 
represent itself and rely on active LoCos to represent Ubuntu.  I also 
have it from a handful of Canonical employees that California Team has 
lived up to expectations at past shows.  We shouldn't worry about or 
wait for them to begin planning Ubuntu's presence there.

We should definitely look for opportunities to work together.  This can 
only improve the offerings of Canonical as well as Ubuntu.  But let's 
plan our booth and reach out to Canonical simultaneously.  They probably 
are planning something for OSCON.

Nathan Haines
Ubuntu California Local Community Team

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