[Ubuntu-US-CA] Tux will liberate a town in California

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                Thank you for announcing this. I think this is very cool.  I am actually going to be participating in a massive Ubuntu InstallFest March 1st. Details at http://wiki.untangle.com/index.php/Installfest 

It is probably a good idea for you to participate in that in order to get a good understanding of the logistics involved with a large scale end user Linux deployment. 


I look forward to the official announcement. J


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Hi Folks, 

My name is Ken Starks and I am author of the blog of helios. <http://www.blog.lobby4linux.com>   I am also the founder of HeliOS Solutions and Komputers4Kids.  We have been working on a project with major implications for the Linux Community and GNU Linux in general.  This is where I would like to make you aware of what we are doing.

Christian Einfeldt of Digital Tipping Point is going to be filming the project from start to finish and Zareason.com has been asked to provide us the machines we need for the installfests preceding the actual event.  We are making arrangements for mass media coverage of this event and if all goes right, this will make computing history.  We are asking the California Loco to be a part of this.

I came to you before I went to the larger Ubuntu user base for a few reasons.  One out of plain courtesy, and two...we are going to need funding for this effort.  We need to open an office in Felton fairly soon and get things started there.  Larry Cafiero, the editor I spoke of will man the office and he will be our official presence there until I can get there in June.  He will also be in charge of the funds....again, I am handling the media  matters.  All funding will be transparent and Larry will be taking care of that.  We are hoping that your loco will provide a "Team Tux" for the install fest and to put faces on the media coverage.  We are also hoping that you can be the ones to go forward and let the community know where they can contribute to this effort.  The paypal account will be in place by Monday.

If any of you care to contact me personally, you may feel free to do so by email.  I hope we can get this thing off the ground soon.  The "Official" announcement comes this Monday.

Ken Starks
HeliOS Solutions

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