[Ubuntu-US-CA] Installfest at Cal State Long Beach?

Glenn Zucman gzucman at csulb.edu
Tue Feb 12 03:28:17 UTC 2008


I spoke to you guys at SCaLE on Saturday. As far as I'm aware the Linux 
presence on the CSULB campus is woefully low.

Are you guys up for coming out and doing an installfest on campus?

I teach some big Art Appreciation classes in the University Theater. I 
can probably book The Theater on a Wednesday evening after 5p. Maybe a 
Wed in April?

Maybe we could show the DVD "Revolution OS" from 6-7p and have an 
installfest from 7-10 -- how would something like that work?

Weekends are probably better for you guys and other off-campus peeps... 
but I think the weekday evening might work better for students and other 

If we do want to screen the DVD it'd look great in the theater... and 
then after we can raise the screen and use the whole stage for our 
installfest. I can probably dig up some tables and some AC j-boxes. The 
theater has Cat-6 and WiFi internet. Neither is great, but they both 
work. I think we only have 1 Cat-6 jack, but we could plug a router 
in... and/or use WiFi... and/or do stuff from CD/DVD.

Let me know if y'all are interested... any logistic thoughts... a good 
day to try to book the theater, etc...

Thank You!

-- Glenn

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