[Ubuntu-US-CA] Installfest at Cal State Long Beach?

Dennis Heinson dheinson at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 12 03:42:42 UTC 2008

Great idea. I am a student at UCLA and the Linux user group here is 
rather small as well. I am, however, subscribed to their mailing list 
and could forward an invitation through it.

Do you think a theater would be suitable location for setting up 
computers though? Does it have tables/desks?


Glenn Zucman wrote:
> Hi!
> I spoke to you guys at SCaLE on Saturday. As far as I'm aware the Linux 
> presence on the CSULB campus is woefully low.
> Are you guys up for coming out and doing an installfest on campus?
> I teach some big Art Appreciation classes in the University Theater. I 
> can probably book The Theater on a Wednesday evening after 5p. Maybe a 
> Wed in April?
> Maybe we could show the DVD "Revolution OS" from 6-7p and have an 
> installfest from 7-10 -- how would something like that work?
> Weekends are probably better for you guys and other off-campus peeps... 
> but I think the weekday evening might work better for students and other 
> U-types.
> If we do want to screen the DVD it'd look great in the theater... and 
> then after we can raise the screen and use the whole stage for our 
> installfest. I can probably dig up some tables and some AC j-boxes. The 
> theater has Cat-6 and WiFi internet. Neither is great, but they both 
> work. I think we only have 1 Cat-6 jack, but we could plug a router 
> in... and/or use WiFi... and/or do stuff from CD/DVD.
> Let me know if y'all are interested... any logistic thoughts... a good 
> day to try to book the theater, etc...
> Thank You!
> -- Glenn

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