[ubuntu-arizona] Community Council Meeting

John Crawford johnc4510 at cox.net
Fri Jun 22 18:27:31 BST 2007

As you all probably are aware, I have put in my application for Ubuntu 
Membership. This is not for team membership, but for myself personally. 
However this is a requirement for team approval when we do apply.  The 
Community Council has set the meeting for Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 
6:00AM local time. It will take place in the IRC Channel 
#ubuntu-meeting. I am not sure what time I will be interviewed, as there 
are many things on the agenda. I would appreciate as many of you 
attending as possible since it is known that the more people there to 
"cheer" for you the better it is.

Here is the link to the Councils page: 
If you click on the link for the meeting, it will show you the local 
time of the meeting

Thanks in advance for attending   :)


John Crawford
johnc4510 at cox.net

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