Ubuntu-us-ak [aklug] Re: Ubuntu LoCo

David Prentice ak.prentice at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 06:57:56 GMT 2008

I don't know what the LoCo checklist looks like, but I imagine it
might be of interest to aklug as a whole and not just to the LoCo. I
know that some of the things that the LoCo has to do to be recognised
involves community "activism". That can take many forms, and doesn't
need to be Ubuntu-specific or even Ubuntu-centric as far as I
understand the "rules". As long as the LoCo is involved. So posting
the checklist might be a good thing.

Does the LoCo need regular meetings? Coincidentally, they are
co-located with aklug meetings. Voila.
Aklug Installfest is also an Ubuntu LoCo Installfest. What a coincidence.
If Aklug does something and the Ubuntu LoCo is represented, we claim
this as a LoCo activity as well.
It may behove the LoCo to have Aklug friends join up, not just to pad
the LoCo membership but legitimately they're supporters whether they
use Ubuntu or not. What distro you happen to have installed doesn't
matter for LoCo membership.
Denise is on the LoCo mailing list, making her a defacto member.
Right? So the LoCo takes credit for one of its members bringing to
pass a 1200+ unit Ubuntu rollout.
By supporting Denise, LoCo is supporting "largest commercially
installed userbase in Alaska". Thats got to be worth some cred.
Although I'm sure Canonical would be happier with a commercial support
contract with ASD.
If Canonical wants to see message traffic on the LoCo mailing list,
set a forward for everything on aklug and let me know you've done this
so I can set that list to digest mode and killfile it.

I just placed an order for a Mini-9. I'll likely buy another one
before year end but I'm holding out for a Mini-12 with Dell Ubuntu for
myself. Regardless, I have some things I want to test specifically for
the Mini-9. I want to make a locked-down kiosk-mode on the Mini-9,
specifically so that I can feel comfortable with it in the hands of my
kids but the experience may yield some useful fruit for your project.

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