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Jim MacDonald jim at macdonald.org
Thu Nov 20 03:00:19 GMT 2008

OK so here it goes:

here are a couple of pages to look at:

  This is a brief synopsis of what we need to get approved as a LoCo.

  This is a more detailed list of things we need to do as a group to  
get the LoCo established.

I have already created the IRC channel on Freenode (#ubuntu-us-ak) I  
am a moderator and I can make anyone with in reason a moderator as well.

I already have the mailing list established. Though I am considering  
just subscribing it to the aklug list for right now. If we start  
getting into Ubuntu specific stuff and spamming the AKlug list I can  
always separate them later. For the record the mailing list can be  
subscribed to here

We also have a Forum on https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-ak

And here is our Launchpad Page: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-alaska

right now I am listed as the point of contact for all these  
resources.. I would like to get everyone involved and have a different  
person take ownership for each resource so we can share the  
responsibility. I don't have the time in my life to do it all.

I also have an ubuntu-us-ak email address that I can set to forward  
any correspondence to any and all of us so we show a united front for  
an email address.

Any suggestions or help please contact me directly.


I hope I get as much input as I think I am going to... I would really  
like to see this grow and become productive.

Jim MacDonald
jim at macdonald.org

On Nov 18, 2008, at 8:09 PM, Jim MacDonald wrote:

> I had told a couple of people at the last meeting that I would post  
> something on the mailing list about getting approved as an Ubuntu  
> LoCo (Local Community) and what the advantages are. I don't want to  
> bore everyone who's not using Ubuntu unless I get a consensus. What  
> say you?
> For those of you on the Ubuntu list, but not on the Aklug list. I  
> cc'd our list because I thought you might be interested in both  
> organizations.
> Jim MacDonald
> jim at macdonald.org
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