[Bug 414866] Re: python-pygpu depends on non-existent python-cg

fabrice_sp coutadeurf at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 06:38:02 BST 2009


The problem is not with python-cg binary package not been synced. The problem is that pycg FTBFS, as you can see there:

This because nvidia-cg-toolkit is en 'empty' package that download the
tarball at installation time, but Ubuntu buildd do not have internet

So the steps to follow as a workaround for this bug are:
- download the source package of pycg (apt-get source pycg), 
- build it locally (debuild -b), 
- and install the locally built package. 
This way you will be able to install python-pygpu.

For the moment, I will unsubscribe u-u-s, as there is nothing to
sponsor. Feel free to subscribe again u-u-s when a clear action is


python-pygpu depends on non-existent python-cg
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