[ubuntu-uk] Booting ubuntu 18.04 - problems

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Wed May 9 11:22:50 UTC 2018

On 09/05/18 11:22, Liam Proven wrote:
> Found this in my spam trap.
> Paul, please bottom-post on the mailing list. Also you do not need to PGP
> sign messages to the list.
> On Wed, 9 May 2018 at 11:50, Paul Sutton <zleap at zleap.net> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA256
>> If I dual boot,  then I can save output piped to a file., for example
>> ls -l > directory.txt
> This won't help with errors that were not logged to a file, though.
> When you try to boot the affected OS, can you log in on a text console?
> If it's in GUI mode (e.g. blank screen) -- Ctrl+Alt+F2 through to F6
> If it's stuck in text mode -- Alt-F1 to F6
> (Ctrl-)Alt-F7 should re-display the graphical screen.
> If you *can* log in in text mode, and you're using an Ethernet cable, try
> to update.
> sudo apt update
> sudo apt full-upgrade -y
>> - From mint I can access the ubuntu file system,  and copy the file over
> Which file?

Any file which is saved under a dual boot system.  However as I replaced
ubuntu 18.04 with lubntu 18.04 which is working fine, I am trying to use
a netbook to investigate this issue further.
> Also, this means that Mint works fine? Which version of Mint?
18.3 64bit

I have a PC dualbooting with Linux mint 18.3 and Lubuntu, I replaced
Ubuntu 18.04 which wasn't working with Lubuntu which does work.

I then decided to install Ubuntu 18.04 on to a netbook,  this still
stops part way through booting (in the same place).  However it does
mean I can work on this problem on a netbook. and still use my main
system to ask for help.

I switch on,  press esc to get text output and it stops after
[ ok ] started user manager for uid 120

this is a block of messages starting with

there is no indication that any of the services within this have failed
(all have [ ok ]

At this point,  the system just ctrl-alt-f1 (and no response from alt-f1
etc either)


alt-sysrq RSEIUB work,  so that does suggest that the kernel (and other
processes) are still running in the background and listening for those
key presses,

I also get a mouse pointer up (so it is probably a good 95+ percent in
to getting a gui displayed) not that the mouse pointer moves with the

The netbook has an ip address, so I tried to ssh in, but this failed
with connection refused, as I guess ssh-server isn't running, which was
worth a try.

I can get in to recovery mode fine so am in that now,  so will try doing
the update.





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