[ubuntu-uk] Twin DVD drives not mounting

Rich.T. r1ch4rd.thompson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 02:47:34 UTC 2015


 Whereabouts do you live? Is there a local Linux User Group in your
area? There are lots of people in the community who would love to help
you out and might be able to do things to assist you in many ways.

 Obviously, don't give too much personal info away in an open mailing
list like this, but you should definitely consider getting yourself to a
local LUG meet-up and let some of the eager, local Linux nerds help you
out. That's what they are there for!

 Perhaps in future, you could even contribute back, utilise your
experiences and possibly help out in some of the open-source
accessibility projects. A while ago, when listening to one of the Linux
podcasts, I heard a fascinating and encouraging interview about an
Ubuntu-based (I think) distro, which champions accessibility and feeds
back into upstream accessibility projects.

Anyone reading this: Help me out here; was this the Ubuntu Podcast? What
was this distro? Who'd like to help out David?

Thanks to all,

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