[ubuntu-uk] Keyobard issues in 14.10

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Sun Jan 18 18:26:08 UTC 2015

** Colin Law <clanlaw at gmail.com> [2015-01-17 13:18]:
> On 17 January 2015 at 12:42, Gareth France
> <gareth.france at cliftonts.co.uk> wrote:
> > I've been suffering from this since release day but it's driving me nuts so
> > I have to speak out and see if anyone knows the solution. My machine keeps
> > defaulting to the American keyboard layout. The icon in the taskbar always
> > displays UK but the layout is wrong. I have to switch to American and then
> > back to UK almost every time I boot up to resolve it.
> Sounds like this bug, a fixed version of ibus should be in the repos soon.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/ibus/+bug/1240198
** end quote [Colin Law]

I wouldn't hold your breath, I subscribed to this bug back in September and
I've not seen a fix yet. It seems a pretty well understood bug, and I've put my
own fix in place (based iirc on comments in the bug report). I've just dug
through my emails to find the fix I posted to a LUG list back in September
which is as follows:

| There is a bug relating to this which may be related, it seems there is an
| issue with iBus that causes these symptoms. The indicator shows a UK keyboard,
| but it is still working with a US layout. I've fixed mine by doing the
| following:
| change to /etc/dconf/db/ibus.d/
| in there you'll find a file 00-upstream-settings, rather than work with the
| distribution's file you need to work with a new one, so create something like
| 01-custom-settings. I did this by coping the existing one, but I should think
| you can just put the modifications in there. The modification in question is
| the line:
| use-system-keyboard-layout=false
| just change the false to true and all should be working next reboot, well if it
| the same problem I had anyway :)

>From past experience I've usually moved on before anything happens with
Launchpad bugs. I can't think of one I've personally been interested in that
has been fixed, although I could be wrong - in some cases I've moved on to a
new setup before anything has happened. I suspect that if somebody (several
somebodies) went through Launchpad and cleared out all the obsolete bugs (i.e.
nothing happened, but they are so old the Ubuntu version is no longer
supported) it would remove a fair number. I have come to consider Launchpad
more of a forum to discuss problems and find information to put a manual fix in
than anything that results in fixes to the original packages! I put details
that should be able to fix a bug about a year ago, but either nothing has
happened of it hasn't been fed back to the report. It was IPv6 related though,
and who used that ;)

I'm currently battling a power problem with my Lenovo laptop where it is very
hit an miss recovering from a suspend. Nothing much appears to be logged that I
can see, the only errors being what you would expect on boot after pulling the
plug. The only bug report I can see that is close to it is from about 10 months
ago indicating a bug in the BIOS and a hope that there will be a fix from
Lenovo one day. I may go back to 14.04 as I don't remember any issues with that
- 14.10 is the first time I've really regretted upgrading (bar pushing my
netbook too far going to 13.10 which it couldn't cope with - it and my servers
are safely on 12.04).

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