[ubuntu-uk] How old is your computer?

Gibbs linux at danielgibbs.net
Mon Jan 5 17:58:04 UTC 2015

On 05/01/15 16:46, TT Mooney wrote:
> On 05/01/15 16:12, Gibbs wrote:
>> On 05/01/15 15:25, TT Mooney wrote:> So, just getting Ubuntu
>> preinstalled is not enough. And this is why I
>>> see Linux Devops people carrying Macs all the time now. It's a bit sad.
>> Seriously? As a devop myself I wouldn't even entertain the idea of using
>> Mac hardware or software. What is so difficult about installing an OS?
> There's nothing hard about it at all, if that's how you like to spend
> your time. But a lot of people don't. Frankly, I bought the XPS 13
> expecting to maintain the OS, but to have reliable drivers from
> mainline. And that's just not the case.
> I'm in the process of founding a startup, and even though I've kept my
> current company as Linux on the desktop shop for 10 years, the startup
> is going Mac. Because it's easier to maintain -- because the hardware
> vendor cares about making sure it 'just works'.
> I love the freedom of Linux, especially on the desktop. The software is
> mature (albeit there are problems, like at the end of Gnome 2). But
> hardware that 'just works' with the OS is the killer feature. Well, that
> and battery life. :)
> travis

I don't know much about Mac OS X but I doubt its easier to maintain. 'It
just works' isn't difficult, in regards to Apple, when you have 5-6
products in a line all on the same architecture. Linux runs on
everything so it has to play catch-up with very new hardware.

If drivers are a concern for new high-end desktops or certain
peripherals I suggest a bit of research prior to buying. I haven't had
an issue with Linux and hardware for at least 5-6 years so I'm in the
annoying 'works for me' camp :)


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