[ubuntu-uk] Samsung might be getting rid of Android and using their own Linux based OS

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Thu Sep 12 10:28:40 UTC 2013

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On Sep 12, 2013 11:20 AM, "scoundrel50a" <scoundrel50a at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Ok sorry about top posting my last message on phone and hadnt worked
out how to bottom post......
>>> I would like to see an Ubuntu phone....I would be interested in running
it alongside the OS that I run now
>> If more people had paid $700 for one you could have seen one in May next
>> s/
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> But $700 is a lot of money.......for an unknown OS......I would use it if
I could run it alongside the OS I have on the phone now. Is it going to be
out for general use soon and what Phones can be used with it....

I agree, $700 is a lot for untested software, I would happily install
alongside Android, even at beta test stage, but I will not pay a months
rent for the privalige! I hope the project lives on but feel that a major
error of judgment was made setting the price point, and perhaps a tie in
with manufacturer / service provider was a better route to take.
I don't know anyone who buys their handset, they are bundled up with their
service contract.

Just my 0.02p worth
Pete Smout

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