[ubuntu-uk] Laptop locks up when lid re-opened

Tony Scott tonys at tonyscott.org.uk
Thu May 30 10:26:55 UTC 2013

Hi there

What's the laptop manufacturer and model name?


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On 30 May 2013 11:18, pete smout <psmouty at live.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Im running 13-04, and I am *very* impressed apart from the slight issue, of
> it locking up when the lid on the laptop is closed and re-opened.
> I can find nothing that shouts at me in either the kern.log or x.log but it
> has happened 3 times now!
> It is worth noting that it does not happen every time the lid is closed
> approx 1 in 5?
> The system is fully updated as of 9.30 am today.
>         Symptoms:- open lid the 'screensaver' asks for password (as it
> should) the desktop reappears but the mouse cursor will not move, the
> keyboard is unresponsive (can't bring the dash up with 'super key' and
> ctrl-alt F1 does not work in dropping to shell the only thing i can do is a
> 'hard reset' hold the power button down for 10 sec (ish) and switch  the
> machine off!
>         System Details:- Ubuntu 13-04 (Unity), 3gb RAM, 160gb HDD, (6gb Swap
> partition) INTEL graphics chip. (I also have XBMC & GNOME installed but not
> used when this problem presents itself!)
> Anyone had a similar thing? or any ideas??
> Pete
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