[ubuntu-uk] Laptop locks up when lid re-opened

pete smout psmouty at live.com
Thu May 30 10:18:16 UTC 2013


Im running 13-04, and I am *very* impressed apart from the slight issue, 
of it locking up when the lid on the laptop is closed and re-opened.
I can find nothing that shouts at me in either the kern.log or x.log but 
it has happened 3 times now!

It is worth noting that it does not happen every time the lid is closed 
approx 1 in 5?
The system is fully updated as of 9.30 am today.

	Symptoms:- open lid the 'screensaver' asks for password (as it should) 
the desktop reappears but the mouse cursor will not move, the keyboard 
is unresponsive (can't bring the dash up with 'super key' and ctrl-alt 
F1 does not work in dropping to shell the only thing i can do is a 'hard 
reset' hold the power button down for 10 sec (ish) and switch  the 
machine off!

	System Details:- Ubuntu 13-04 (Unity), 3gb RAM, 160gb HDD, (6gb Swap 
partition) INTEL graphics chip. (I also have XBMC & GNOME installed but 
not used when this problem presents itself!)

Anyone had a similar thing? or any ideas??



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