[ubuntu-uk] Packard Bell, what wonderful support!

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Fri May 10 09:55:15 UTC 2013

On 10 May 2013 10:47, Gareth France <gareth.france at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Sean, perhaps it's a little unfair to judge the outcome of a
> conversation you didn't witness. Perhaps it's time all this was put to bed.
> It's not getting anyone anywhere.

If you want to hold a grudge about something that has happened in the past
that's your decision... but in this particular conversation Alan has tried
to help, and didn't need that rudeness.  It would seem to me that he's
spent some time this morning formatting the drive, testing it, so that he
can help you...

I hope you get this sorted but I stand firm in my view that you appear to
be treating Packard Bell's support unfairly and could have had your issue
sorted weeks ago had you helped them to help you.

And whilst I do not doubt your IT ability, I would question your wisdom in
not having any backups of your system -- as others have suggested, the next
time you get paid by a customer I would go out and buy yourself a couple of
external hard drives to back up onto.  These are legitimate business costs
and can be offset against tax, so need not cost you much at all.... and
will give you the security of knowing your data is safe... just in case the
hard drive does die on you sometime in the future (be it through you
driving over it in your car or for another reason).

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