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On 8 May 2013 10:26, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:

> On 07/05/13 08:36, TT Mooney wrote:
>> Hi all - I've been a happy user of O2 broadband for years, but now
>> that Murdoch has laid his hands on it, I want to change provider.
>> Does anyone have a recommendation? I used to have BT, and they were
>> mostly useless. There is a bit of bittorent going on, so I'm
>> looking for an uncapped adsl2 service. Virgin Media is not
>> available in my area. Kind regards, Travis
> I was also with O2 (Be) and also was motivated to jump ship for the
> very same reason.
> The good news was that BT fibre was already becoming
> established in my area - it was frustrating to see all the cabinets go
> in and not have a fibre related connection myself - and also that BT
> had then recently changed policy to make their 'unlimited' options
> truly unlimited - removing the restrictions on P2P activity and
> uploads, for example.
> I had been resisting choosing a fibre connection partly on principle
> because I think P2P is so important for the internet.
> The connection activity went well (sigh of relief). And it continues to be
> good :-)

That's one thing I like about Zen: they piggy back on the BT infrastructure
so as soon as Fibre was available in my area, they were offering it.

> The bad news is that I am now dealing with a massive org which
> occasionally morphs into a dozy giant. The installer guy was well informed
>  technically, but on contract, so he reacted like an outsider, not relating
> to BT in company knowledge or attitude,
> confirming the idea that - somewhere - I was dealing with an amorphous
> unknown lumbering org. I had gladly accepted a cashback (well, voucher
> back) deal for Sainsburys vouchers (50 pounds) and the claim registration
> web page had an incorrect date which would invalidate my own claim, which
> caused me anxiety. I got some reassurance from the live chat help - I
> noticed this at pre sales time -  but verbal
> reassurance was only partially comforting. Ultimately I did receive the
> promised vouchers, but the claim web page was STILL indicating invalid
> dates.

That's the other thing I like about Zen: small company and support know
what they're talking about.

> Email accounts have been a pita.
> BT makes use of Yahoo mail, and I found that to use (BTYahoo) as SMPT
> server
> for my various outgoings I had to configure my BTYahoo settings to
> accept each email ID separately. I have  a number of email IDs. Presumably
> because Yahoo see my mail initially, as alien. It does work, though, albeit
>  an inconvenient
> hassle.
> The other day, I got an email from BT about the possible closure of my
> BTYahoo mail account. This was an offer that I could hardly ignore,
> nor even refuse. But unfortunately I did not even understand it. My
> contact to them yielded an explanation which I also did not fully
> understand. My BT fibre connection username is allocated to be the
> same as my BTYahoo email address, so I was confused that if I was one
> of those who chose to allow closure from non use of the BTYahoo email
> account, then I wondered what would happen to my connection username.
> I have since concluded for myself that in such a case, the username
> continues as an ID
> but even though it appears to be a real email address, it of course will
> not be. Such is the disconnect in an ISP which puts its email facility out
> to others. In my case because I make frequent use of the BTYahoo account to
> route my outgoing mail, I conclude I will not be seen as a non user of the
> BTYahoo account.......
> Incidentally, I was connected with two boxes, not  just one. A BT
> modem, presumably related to fibre, and a wireless router (BT Home
> Hub), whereas previously with adsl I  had a  single combined, modem
> router.

Yes, I have the same: the router is the old one I had with ADSL, they just
added a fibre modem (white box) in front of it and connected the router
using PPPoE via the modem rather than PPPoA direct to the phone line.
Actually, that's yet another thing I like about Zen: when I ordered my ADSL
with them 2 years ago, they suggested a few models of routers I could use
other than the one they supply and explained what features I needed to look
for in order to be able to upgrade to fibre later without changing the
router. And when upgrade time came, they asked what model I had, pulled out
the spec sheet for that model and guided me through the re-configuration
(which wasn't hard to be honest).

> For some reason, not sure what, I find that the BT router does not
> easily connect to new wireless devices (Android tablet, phones)
> although ok eventually. So far I have found that a router restart
> (has a button) does help.
> Oh, yes, as a Post Script:
> I registered with the BT forums support community - to try to better
> undertsand the  promise of email account closure from 'non use'. I had some
> ROFL because - I used my real name (alan cocks), it was impossible because
> my surname got the response
> 'Bad word, please clean this up and try again'
> What a way to treat a long and illustrious family name so well known
> for its chickens business?
> ;-)

Good old profanity filter! :-)

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