[ubuntu-uk] Virgin broadband from 20 to 60 megas

Muñiz Piniella, Andrés a75576 at alumni.tecnun.es
Sat Jul 20 19:52:44 UTC 2013

Hello all,
The heaviest use of internet I do is for some video streaming at home. At
the moment youtube on mobile and tablet and lovefilm on the wii (still no
joy with ubuntu). Also video chat.

They take less then a minute to load and only ocasionally do they break
midway (normally removing hd mode makes things better).

Do you think I would notice a significant improvement from going from 20
megs to 60 megs?

Bonus question: the upgrade will come with virgins wireless router that
will be replacing my 7 year old router from netgear. Would that show a
significant improvement as well? Most of my gadgets are wireless.
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