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Muñiz Piniella, Andrés a75576 at alumni.tecnun.es
Sat Jul 20 15:23:59 UTC 2013

El 20/07/2013 16:11, "mac" <ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk> escribió:
> On 20 Jul 2013, at 15:40, scoundrel50a <scoundrel50a at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have to say this I belong to quite a few discussion groups that only
have top posting, and they even have a direction to post above the line.
This is the only group that insists on bottom posting that I belong to.
> Ah, we're old-school here - brought up on plain-text RFCs,

I do not think bottom posting is old school. I think it makes sense. Sadly
I only heard about it here. Tried to configure outlook to do this at work
as well. Works but not as well as my personal email clients.

Maybe put something on the signature of the mailing list with a link to

In similar lines I am unsure if I post html or if i should use iso or
utf-8? Encoding?
I sometimes get special caracters lost such as  é  and ñ
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