[ubuntu-uk] Inline posting

pete smout psmouty at live.com
Sat Jul 20 12:22:40 UTC 2013

On 20/07/13 13:06, John Oliver wrote:
> On 20/07/13 07:36, mac wrote:
>> On 20 Jul 2013, at 03:48, Steven Roberts
>> <cwmbranmathstutor at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> So, has anyone else been too worried about using the wrong
>>> protocol on here?
>> This issue is a hardy perennial. There seem to be two worlds: one
>> that maintains the original and ancient traditions of the early
>> internet, and puts replies (preferably only plain text) below the
>> original post; and one - containing the majority of the commercial,
>> business and government world - that follows conventions introduced
>> by Microsoft, and replies in HTML above the original.
>> Here, we are hard-core traditionalists: plain text replies below
>> original. We sometimes have to remind people to do it.
>> There is, of course, no right answer - these are the conventions
>> and traditions of different cultures. Anyway, when in France, be
>> polite and speak French! ;)
>> mac
> That's quite a relief for me to hear it - I wasn't sure either!
> -John
I am sue that the intention is not to scare people away, just to make
the threads easier to follow when looking things up in the future!
I would personally like anyone who needs technical support, ask for it
how ever their phone I-pad or whatever lets them post!

Just my 2 pence worth


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