[ubuntu-uk] Has anybody seen this and what do you think......

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Thu Aug 22 14:39:30 UTC 2013

On 31/07/13 20:42, Pete wrote:
> I guess most if not everyone out there know that Governments use
> Windows XP (Uk Gov't) and that it costs quite a huge amount to pay in
> bulk licenses, including local councils. Does anyone know how much
> these bulk licenses cost and how many the UK Gov't have?
> Well, onto the main reason I am posting - I have sent an email to my
> local MP to look into using a Linux based OS instead of Windows as
> they wont need to pay for licenses which will presumably save hundreds
> of thousands.
> Why not send an email to your local MP or the MP that deals with the
> IT or whoever it is that does.
> What's your thoughts on this?

More to the point ask what the plan is once XP reaches end of life,  in
2014 and suggest alternatives,  but people are going to need training,
support in its use,  etc,  who can provide that, who can provide tech
support, etc,   how much are canonicals packages on support.  etc

on this basis  any pointers to people who can perhaps support local
government in this may be helpful, 


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