[ubuntu-uk] Not everyone is an expert!

Dave Walker davewalker at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 21 20:59:15 UTC 2013

Gareth, I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience.  I haven't
looked back at the thread, but please be assured that isn't the spirit
of this mailing list.  Please do stay around :)

On 21 August 2013 21:16, Gareth France <gareth.france at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 21/08/13 17:45, Paul White wrote:
> Very true. much in the same way as bossy boots who could never be managers
> in real life always find their way to the top in charity committees and
> proceed to make everyone's life a misery just because they can.

Why else would someone choose to be a manager, without these perks?

Kind Regards,

Dave Walker <Dave.Walker at canonical.com>
Engineering Manager,
Ubuntu Server

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