[ubuntu-uk] Not everyone is an expert!

Phill Whiteside PhillW at Ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 21 20:23:34 UTC 2013

slide rules? I recall when sitting my maths 'O' level having to write out
the proof of the quadratic equation [1] as I could never remember it, but
knew how to 'make' it. I'm one of those who when I understand 'how' and
'why' something works, I can carry it to other areas instead of just "Does
not compute" which seems to afflict the recent schoolong, especially in
what was jokingly called "computer studies" :)


1. http://www.basic-mathematics.com/proof-of-the-quadratic-formula.html
P.S. Don't ask me to do it these days!

On 21 August 2013 21:16, Gareth France <gareth.france at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 21/08/13 17:45, Paul White wrote:
>> On 21/08/13 16:59, Gareth France wrote:
>>  On the whole I have stopped posting to this group since there are a
>>> number of people who are obviously on pedestals above us lowly minions. Not
>>> so long back after starting a thread I was shot down in an unforgivably
>>> harsh manner by people who made assumptions about me based on absolutely no
>>> evidence and proceeded to trample all over my opinion and my self esteem.
>>> I have said it before and I'll say it again, not everyone is an expert,
>>> not everyone understands things that are obvious to you. Be careful how you
>>> respond as we are supposed to be wanting to encourage mass adoption and as
>>> many new users as possible. Insulting them, depressing them, making them
>>> feel small, they will only leave.
>> That unfortunately applies to many hobbies and interests where 'experts',
>> whether 'real' or 'armchair', are resident on forums and mailing lists.
>> When it comes to IT related matters, whether Windows or Linux based, I
>> have always considered myself to be an enthusiastic amateur. In fact I'm
>> quite proud of that bearing in mind that even pocket calculators didn't
>> exist when I was at school let alone PCs!
> Very true. much in the same way as bossy boots who could never be managers
> in real life always find their way to the top in charity committees and
> proceed to make everyone's life a misery just because they can.
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