[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Google UK SSL search plugin

Jim Price d1version at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 27 22:49:06 UTC 2012

In case anyone is interested, I've done a Mycroft search plugin which 
sends the same parameters to Google when doing a search as the Firefox 
Ubuntu start page, with the minor modifications that it uses 
gooogle.co.uk rather than google.com, and SSL so people can't snoop on 
your search requests. There is a standard Google UK SSL plugin already, 
but I've also suppressed the suggestions feature in mine, as that annoys 
me when I'm using an onscreen keyboard. With an onscreen keyboard, each 
letter has to be typed twice if suggestions are turned on, until you 
have a word or words for which there are no longer any suggestions. I'm 
using the Cellwriter keyboard, not OnBoard.

Anyway, it's here should anyone wish to try or review it:


If you want to see how it works, it is just a text file in the 
searchplugins directory in your Firefox profile. It works with Chromium 
as well, but the way you use search plugins in Chromium is a little 
different. Click on the link to install it, and put a search keyword in, 
so that when you type that search keyword followed by a space (I chose 
"gu"), you will get the prompt to carry on typing and do the custom 
search. It ought to work in other browsers too, but I haven't tested any.

Does anyone know if I would be right in assuming that Ubuntu get some 
credit from Google for every use of the Firefox Ubuntu start page 
search? I always use the search bar, so it would be nice if Ubuntu isn't 
losing out on anything because I never use the start page search.


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