[ubuntu-uk] deleting encrypted linux install

Anton Kanishchev antonk20117 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 10:19:09 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I hope you would be able to help me with the following problem that I am

Currently I have ubuntu 12.04 installed with windows 7 as a dual boot.

Windows 7 is encrypted with truecrypt and linux is encrypted via lvm method.
I have run into multiple problems with the install( not very easy to sync
files between operating systems, and my new monitor does not seem to
work,amongst other problems). Please don't suggest any fixes, I am not
getting rid of Linux I simply want to install it via a VM(virtualbox) in
windows 7.

In theory there is nothing stopping me from logging on to win7 and deleting
my linux partition from there. Will that confuse TC bootloader since it is
expecting multiple OS's? I havent found a way to extend my truecrypt
partition once I delete 12.04- would it work if i simply try to extend it
in windows? In that case would i have 100+gb of data unencrypted? or would
truecrypt encrypt the new area as well???

Any suggestions on how to do this???

Many thanks in advance

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