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On 1 October 2012 11:41, David Goldsbrough <daveg at boavon.plus.com> wrote:

> I have recently purchased a Canon Pixma MG5350 wireless all-in-one
> printer/scanner/copier.
> It has been set-up without the aid of any usb cable tethering it to any
> device.  Our household is a mixed environment with a combination of Windoze
> Vista, Mac OS X, iPad, Windoze XP, Ubuntu, etc.
> The printing function from all devices (bar the Mac - but a different
> story) has not proved to be a problem.
> I am though having difficulties getting Simple Scan or Xsane Image Scanner
> working.  Both report "No scanners detected".
> I have though managed to get Scangear to work which I downloaded and
> installed from Canon when Xsane and Simple Scan was not working.
> I have searched around and gone down a number of blind alleys.  This
> includes editing files in /etc/sane.d
> I am running Lucid 10.04 and linix kernal 2.6.32-43-generic.
> I guess this may really not be worth the bother to fix/solve - after all I
> do have Scangear working and I have a multitude of other devices to choose
> from - but it is the principal at stake really.  There is also the issue
> that Ubuntu future should work out of the box for such things.
> Many thanks in advance for any pointers or help that might solve the
> problem.
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> I have come across this problem a couple of times with Canon scanners
normally when Xsane was updated, I found that going back one or two
versions of Xsane got the scanner working again and of course not updating
it when prompted.

hope this help[s.
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