[ubuntu-uk] 12.04 failing for me.

Gibbs linux at danielgibbs.net
Thu May 24 08:25:52 UTC 2012

On 24/05/12 09:01, Philip Stubbs wrote:
> I have been using Ubuntu quite happily for a few years. It has been
> great having a stable system. However, it seems that the good times
> are over.
> Look at the graph at [1]. That is if the machine has not crashed
> again. It can be seen how unreliable this machine is since the upgrade
> to 12.04.
> If this was the only machine I had, then I would not think too much
> about it. Unfortunately I have two other machines that have also been
> upgraded to 12.04 that also no longer have the same stability as
> before.
> I am now torn. On the one hand, it would be good to wipe the machines
> clean and try with a fresh install instead of an upgrade. On the other
> hand, if I am going to wipe the computers clean, it would be an ideal
> time to jump ship, and possibly revert to using Debian again.
> This dilemma will probably result in me doing nothing until the
> 12.04.1 upgrade.
> [1]http://stuphi.co.uk/serverstats/graph.php?graph=0&start=-31536000&title=Year
What did you upgrade from? From personal experience I always do a fresh 
install when upgrading from LTS to LTS as there are years worth of 
differences between them. Saying that I still haven't upgraded from 
10.04 at work.


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