[ubuntu-uk] 12.04 failing for me.

Dave Morley davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk
Thu May 24 10:22:35 UTC 2012

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On 24/05/12 09:25, Gibbs wrote:
> On 24/05/12 09:01, Philip Stubbs wrote:
>> I have been using Ubuntu quite happily for a few years. It has
>> been great having a stable system. However, it seems that the
>> good times are over.
>> Look at the graph at [1]. That is if the machine has not crashed 
>> again. It can be seen how unreliable this machine is since the
>> upgrade to 12.04.
>> If this was the only machine I had, then I would not think too
>> much about it. Unfortunately I have two other machines that have
>> also been upgraded to 12.04 that also no longer have the same
>> stability as before.
>> I am now torn. On the one hand, it would be good to wipe the
>> machines clean and try with a fresh install instead of an
>> upgrade. On the other hand, if I am going to wipe the computers
>> clean, it would be an ideal time to jump ship, and possibly
>> revert to using Debian again.
>> This dilemma will probably result in me doing nothing until the 
>> 12.04.1 upgrade.
>> [1]http://stuphi.co.uk/serverstats/graph.php?graph=0&start=-31536000&title=Year
What did you upgrade from? From personal experience I always do a fresh
> install when upgrading from LTS to LTS as there are years worth of 
> differences between them. Saying that I still haven't upgraded
> from 10.04 at work.
> Gibbs

Are you actually experiencing crashes or is it that you get lots of
there is a problem report it dialogs?

The reason I ask is there is a new system in place that detects every
error rather than crash and reports them to error.ubuntu.com so the
devs can clean up their code and get their apps out of the top 10 and
in the process clean up the code for everyones use.

So it might be that the devs knew the code threw up an error but muted
the output and the user never knew where as this new system exposes
all of that, so you will initially see a lot of these error boxes, the
plan being that they will slowly but surely ease off as the devs fix
the code.

I hope that answers the question.

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