[ubuntu-uk] from 10.04 to 12.04 (was HUD vs gnome do)

Andres Muniz andresmp at gmail.com
Sat May 19 22:14:13 UTC 2012

> I hope to show off new OS some time this weekend in a cafe. I'm sure 
> all will go   well! I just have to manage not to drop coffee.

I managed to impress but it was much too slow. Is it possible that 12.04 is a lot more resource hungry than 10.04?

Highlights she had from 10.04 was wobbly windows and the 4 desktops. And tiding up windows with <super>+S. (It suprised me!).

In 12.04 She liked the dash to find music files, and also liked it for running apps. The hud was slow to come up but thought it was intersting.

Setting up ubuntu one was confusing for me and her, the window seemed to be loading/syncing but we hit next and seemed to be done. She accidently set to write documents on side by side arangement while on spread mode and I was unable to maximize minimize nor close because the top bar dissapeared.   

She will consider get more ram but it might be difficult to find because it is something older than ddr I think (dpci?). I said that if it was too slow there where still alternatives (xfce I was thinking).

Over all I spent over two hours with her. But I think she really did not need any of it given that for 10.04 we did not even speak and it worked fine for her.

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