[ubuntu-uk] dual boot problem

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sat May 12 21:40:52 UTC 2012

On 12/05/12 21:04, Norman Silverstone wrote:
> <big snip>
>>          Andy, all I know is that if there is one drive and the
>>          installer is
>>          instructed to install along side Windows, then the installer
>>          partitions
>>          the drive accordingly and gets on with the installation. So,
>>          are you
>>          suggesting that, because there are two drives one of which is
>>          empty, the
>>          installer decides to install on the empty one rather than
>>          partition and
>>          install on the one with Windows? I have heard of Artificial
>>          intelligence
>>          but surely this is not correct.
>>  When the partitioner first comes up it asks if you want to accept any
>>  defaults. I doubt if a default is what you want to do so you should
>>  choose "Do something Else"  On the next screen you should see two
>>  drives listed, one clearly marked as having Windows on it.
>>  Can you get as far as that before going any further?
> Yes, no problem.

The 'Something Else' option is a manual one (so called advanced in the 
past). Using that CD with that option will expect you to first have 
created a suitable partition structure *before* proceeding further. 
Or, for example, in the partitions list, you will only see the Windows 
partition,  drive. It may be perfectly possible to resize stuff, 
create partitions, format etc  whilst inside the 'something else' 
option, however, my own strong preference would be to do all this in 
two stages. Use a live CD session to create partitions in the  free 
space on your windows drive. If it is vista or win7 then I would 
consider first asking windows to shrink ITSELF, you may get fewer 
subsequent problems in windows then.

Create a large (for  /  ) partition (ext4) for ubuntu system and a 
smaller swap partition.
Then use the 'something else' option and 'change' the target ubuntu 
system partition to be used in the install as ext4, to be formatted, 
and to be mounted as   /

I think that should do it ok.

If your second (data) drive is formatted before install of ubuntu then 
I guess it will get picked up as a data drive when ubuntu installs 
into the targetted  place.

alan cocks

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