[ubuntu-uk] dual boot problem

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sat May 12 20:04:54 UTC 2012

<big snip>
>         Andy, all I know is that if there is one drive and the
>         installer is
>         instructed to install along side Windows, then the installer
>         partitions
>         the drive accordingly and gets on with the installation. So,
>         are you
>         suggesting that, because there are two drives one of which is
>         empty, the
>         installer decides to install on the empty one rather than
>         partition and
>         install on the one with Windows? I have heard of Artificial
>         intelligence
>         but surely this is not correct.

> When the partitioner first comes up it asks if you want to accept any
> defaults. I doubt if a default is what you want to do so you should
> choose "Do something Else"  On the next screen you should see two
> drives listed, one clearly marked as having Windows on it.
> Can you get as far as that before going any further?

Yes, no problem.


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