[ubuntu-uk] Shutdown bug?

Andres Muniz andresmp at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 21:11:37 UTC 2012

Hi all,
 I  do not know if this is a bug nor do i know how to call it to report it. And maybe it was reported.

If  I am logged in with one user(a) i then choose to open another user(b) without logging out of user(a).
When logged in as (b) and tap  shutdown button on my computer and the message apears to  saying it will shut down in 60s. I choose shutdown. But it sends me to the log in screen with no feedback as to why i can not shut down. In the log in sceen i tap the power button once like befor but nothing happens. I then go to the top right and select shutdown and nothing happens.
What i need to do is log into user (a) and shutdown from there. 

(A) is a normal  user.
(b) is admin group.
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