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paul sutton zleap at zleap.net
Mon Mar 26 18:27:52 UTC 2012

On 26/03/12 18:55, John Oliver wrote:
> There is a little button that looks like a document with a pencil on it about 5 icons to the right of the new document button. (Called Edit Document). Pressing it will make a copy of the file and open it for editing.
> The usual reason for this is a file is downloaded from the Internet to the /tmp directory, which is read-only to all except the root user.
> Regards,
> John Oliver 
> On 26 Mar 2012, at 18:23, paul sutton <zleap at zleap.net> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am trying to fill in an application form sent to me in docx format, I
>> have saved as odf otherwise editing saving and reopening a docx file
>> results in seriously messed up file.
>> I have a table for work history etc,  which when i try and edit I get
>> things like read only content,  modified content will not be applied,  I
>> need to edit these sections to add stuff.
>> I NEED to get it filled in,  how do I remove what ever is causing this
>> to be read only,  I should be able to simply edit the document,   but I
>> can't
>> Getting realled stressed out with it. 
>> Please help,  there must be a way to edit the file properties,   the
>> file it self is NOT read only its internal to the file,  i can't find
>> where to go in libreoffice to make parts of the file writeable.
>> thanks
>> Paul
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the file has editable fields,   and tables with small grey boxes in that
can be used to type in information (application form)

I CANNOT describe easily the issue, (see url + info below offending file in dropbox) try putting your cursor out
side of the tables and type something,  try adding new rows to the work
history section and you may get an idea of what is going wrong.

feel free to open and save as odt as I get the same issues.  Actually
your solution may even allow me to enter text but not in the areas that
seem protected.

Either way docx files end up corrupted if opened edited then saved and re-opened last time I did that i ended up with a real issue with a table, seriously messed up, 

have added a url to my drop box folder to the offending file



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