[ubuntu-uk] Beeb at 30

Steve Pearce me at stevepdp.org
Mon Mar 19 13:46:12 UTC 2012

On 18/03/12 23:15, Smallshire wrote:
> I will be going...
> I know its expensive but having spent a few £1000 on my acorn collection
> over the years i could not turn this down!
> 150 Miles each way on the bike will be fun just hope the weather is good!
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Pleased to hear that you're attending.

I approached this event feeling that it would be a once in a lifetime 
opportunity to see and perhaps meet face to face with the core BBC Micro 
team. Definitely worth the £80 or so expense.

I would be lying however if I said that I was attending to participate 
only in the BBC Micro related happenings. I know the history of the BBC 
Computer Literacy Project quite well, and I'm looking forward to 
celebrating it's 30 year history with everyone involved, but what's 
really driving me to attend beeb at 30 is the equally rare opportunity to 
see Eben Upton of the RaspberryPi Foundation speak and to perhaps get a 
brief hands-on of the device.

I'm interested in the "past meets present" theme of the whole event and 
I imagine it will be fun to see the BBC Micro team speak alongside Eben 
of the Raspberry Foundation, reflecting on the successes of the past, 
the state of computer science in the UK currently and of course looking 
at where things should go from here.

While I'm mentioning the RaspberryPi here, I thought it would be good to 
express my thanks to the Ubuntu-UK Podcast team for discussing the 
RaspberryPi project with such critique. It's always interesting to hear 
a well thought out argument and I suspect Laura's critical view was very 
eye opening for listeners who were perhaps unaware of the scale of the 
CS problem, the RaspberryPi Foundation's goals and the challenges they 
will face.

A couple of programming wizard friends and I (le rookie) are working to 
build a RaspberryPi focused programming group with the goal of 
collecting and advancing East Anglia's programming community. It's not 
*the answer* to the problems raised in the podcast, but we hope it will 
be a small step in the right direction.

So back to the original topic, I started off this thread asking if 
anybody would be interested in meeting at the event for an ubuntu-uk 
lunch, is that something you would be interested in Smallshire?


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