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Try DOSBox, its available from the software centre.
I doubt Win95 will work on any computer made in the last 8 years or so
On Mar 18, 2012 1:15 PM, "Barry Drake" <ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com> wrote:

> Hi folk ....  sorry for the off topic.  Please reply off list.  My wife
> came home from a jumble sale with an amazing game and asked me if I could
> find a way of running it for the grandkids.  It needs a maximum of Windows
> 95.  It won't run under XP, Win 7 or Wine.  It is supposed to be runnable
> under dos, so I tried making a spare drive partition bootable to dos 6.22.
>  It won't install because it needs a language file (part of Win 95?).  Then
> I tried installing Win 95 on the same 1.6Gb partition.  It installed just
> fine, but won't boot because of 'lack of RAM'.  It evidently can't see the
> ram in the same way Windows 7 can.
> OK - I ought to throw the disk away and forget about it, but I'm really
> really curious.
> Kind regards,        Barry.
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