[ubuntu-uk] Starting an IT workshop

john john at creationspacetech.org
Fri Jun 29 08:25:59 UTC 2012

Aim to keep it very simple Andres,

Remember the recent demo of the Windows Pad. When experienced
journalists couldn't find the switch off button. They immediately
started to 'freak-out.' This will also be the case with the 'plug and
play' generation. That purchased devices that plugged but seldom played.

Main thing is to get the group feeling confident enough to start trying
things out themselves. A simple plan could be : 1. How the live disc
works. 2. A lot of time on using the interface. 3. How to use
LibreOffice Writer.4. Intro to Firefox. 5. Adding DuckDuckGo to
Firefox.(with a brief intro to privacy and security). 6.How to write and
send an e.mail.This will be more than enough.Do not introduce other
distros.Stress the community spirit of Ubuntu.

Keeping things simple allows you to identify the different abilities
within the group. So you can get more capable users help others.
Unfortunately Skype has never worked out of the box for me on Ubuntu or

Most importantly ask the group what they would like to do with a
computer. Then go about doing it : probably writing a letter. Using your
own plan as a back up. Learn from the group rather than 'push' stuff at
them (not easy).

This is so important for the future of Ubuntu.


On Thu, 2012-06-28 at 22:49 +0100, Andres wrote:
> I have just been to a local neighbourhood community [0] meeting and
> thought ann IT workshop would help out. The group already does
> workshops relating to gardening, bicycle maintenance and such. 
> My question is: how do I propose it in your experience? 
> What I have for the moment is an old laptop, 
> I would like to order a bunch ubuntu CDs if I can to hand out
> I know my way around computers but I'm not a professional but I think
> I have a lot of patience explaining IT stuff to children and adults.
> I like talking to people about using libreoffice instead of MS office,
> ubuntu instead of windows,...
> The community can offer an enclosed place "The little House" or the
> library. Both can take about 10 people. 
> Would it be best to start with something simple? or look alliance with
> some other community that already exists and are looking for a place
> to do some sort of mini workshop. This is what they did with the
> bicycle workshop. 
> So I was asked to source some info to take back to the meeting for
> next month. Can someone point me in the right direction?
> [0] http://www.hamunitedgroup.org.uk

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