[ubuntu-uk] Microsoft Surface Release, Will there be something similar from Ubuntu?

kpb kpb at sohcahtoa.org.uk
Mon Jun 25 15:20:29 UTC 2012

On Mon, 25 Jun 2012 13:17:03 +0100
Alan Pope <alan.pope at canonical.com> wrote:

> http://design.canonical.com/2011/11/ubuntu-phone-tablet-and-tv-discussion-opened/
> Feel free to let us know what you think an Ubuntu tablet should look
> like, features and so on. We'd be interested to know.

Education market (secondary/college): 

1) vga socket and ability to retain touch calibration while mirroring to old projectors 1024/768 and even 800 by 600 that refuse to die. You just saved us a fortune on proprietary interactive whiteboards. I'd buy one alone for that.

2) Stylus friendly. By stylus friendly I mean ability to get fine control with a stylus for drawing and painting but with a finger touch based UI.

3) Flash (yes, I know old tech, but that is education) and Java JVM available. BBC iPlayer solution that is guaranteed to work in the future whatever the Beeb perpetrate. 

4) USB sockets aplenty for attaching keyboards &c

5) a Canonical branded note taking app with handwriting recognition that could recognise mathematical notation and shell out to LaTeX. Oh, and the Moon.

I would imagine it will have to be widescreen (have you noticed how most iPad users use them portrait?)

Well, you asked. Best of luck with it, that would be an ace thing to see.

Keith Burnett

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