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Fri Jun 22 11:53:48 UTC 2012

On 22 June 2012 12:35, scoundrel50a <scoundrel50a at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh, thanks for correcting me.....I'll remember next time

I am not being pointlessly pedantic - this sort of thing matters when
you're asking support questions. Precision is really important.

> Also, I think you mean "Linpus Lite", not "Linux Lite".
> Yeh, you are right, it was a while ago I got it, and I had never heard of it
> before......

It was quite common for a while. The first Asus Eee netbooks came with
a version of Xandros Linux with the LXDE netbook launcher.

Acer used Linpus Lite instead. It's OK, but the problem is, it's
difficult to update - for instance it has a really elderly version of
Firefox, 2.0 I think, and nothing newer is available.

The last time someone asked me to update their Linpus machine, I found
it much easier to just put Ubuntu on it.

> That all depenends on whether you know what you are doing when you open up
> the file system of the phone......and it still doesnt help with the
> upgrades, if you screw up when you delete a file, that is your operating
> system gone, and you dont get support from your phone company if you tell
> them you screwed up...

The OS is in ROM - you can't just delete files from it. Many people
/want/ to be able to delete stuff - for instance, on my HTC, I had 2
email clients, 2 Twitter clients, a Stocks application I have no use
for and so on. But you can't just delete stuff from ROM. That's why
there is a thriving ROM-modding community, notably CyanogenMod.

> ..only way to get it back is to use Kies......and you
> cant use Kies in Ubuntu...

I had to Google this; despite using several HTC devices, I'd never
heard of it. It emerges that this is a Samsung tool and only applies
to Samsung devices.

Can you not just update over-the-air? That's what I did, the 3 times I
re-flashed my Desire HD. Much easier, & doesn't need a PC at all.

> ...I tried installing iTunes via Wine, it worked
> for about 5 minutes then I havent been able to get it to work since.....

This is an issue for Apple iDevice owners. Personally, I use a Mac. :¬)

I think WINE has specific support for certain older versions of iTunes
- you can't just use the latest one. iTunes installs a lot of
background services and things - it is not an easy app for WINE to

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