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Fri Jun 22 08:48:34 UTC 2012

Having been somebody who bought an Acer Aspire One linux installed 
computer from pcworld, the kernal installed was Linux Lite, and the guy 
told me, they had had almost all the linux laptops returned, biggest 
reasons, couldnt get it to connect to the internet, no support from 
ISPs, cant update/use apple products, same with Android 
product.....which is why stopped selling them. Acer Aspire also refused 
to support anybody who installed any other kernel during the warranty 

Nowadays, people will be reluctant to use a computer they cant use their 
apple products with.....

On 22/06/2012 09:16, Alan Pope wrote:
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> On 22/06/12 08:09, Chris Fox wrote:
>>  From what I recall, they did for a while and it was a monumental
>> failure. Perhaps it was before its time, perhaps Dell didn't do a
>> good enough job of marketing it, but either way I think they did it
>> for a while and then binned the idea.
> Not true. They still sell Ubuntu laptops. I did a search just
> yesterday and found about 10 of their models where Ubuntu was an
> install option.
> http://search.euro.dell.com/results.aspx?s=gen&c=uk&l=en&cs=&k=ubuntu&cat=all&x=0&y=0
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