[ubuntu-uk] [marketing] Good news feedback

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Jun 12 06:42:01 UTC 2012

Experiences at my displays at the Computer Fairs vary, however I 
received this by email yesterday (now anonamised)

This person was interested in trying Ubuntu and had a fairly new 
Windows 7 machine, a method of reinstalling Windows7 if necessary, and 
had an Ubuntu 12.04 CD from me. I do not know any more details than 
given here.

It reminds me of the likely importance of personal contact being 
available at 'street' level as it were.

I just thought I'd drop you a message on my new dual boot win7 / ubuntu
Can't thank you enough for the long chat and the disk, I have NEVER done
anything on a PC before that was this easy.
I even set it all up over wireless as I couldn't find my ethernet cable !!
Seriously though it really is the best OS I have ever used it found my
wireless printer and downloaded the drivers in a flash, this is
something windows has never managed.
I can see many evenings "playing" coming up.
Once again many thanks for you time today and giving me the confidence
to give it a go, I think windows will be redundant before next weekend.

alan cocks

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