[ubuntu-uk] Help please

John Davis davisjo at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 10 13:44:47 UTC 2012


I am sorry this is not Ubuntu related but could any offer some help for 
a novice web site builder ?

I have made a web site with a main page, gallery page and an image folder.

When working in Notepad++ I have no problem opening the pages in a 
browser but I am unsure of how to make sure they are all linked together 
and uploaded.

When I have looked on "local host" sometimes the photos have been 
missing and I assume that file naming is to blame.

My question is how to name the files,

I assume opening page is index.html

  2 nd page is  gallery.htm

and photos  .images

Can someone help me with this. Do I have to put all these files in a 
folder to upload.

I have bought loads of books but none cover this bit !

Many thanks


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