[ubuntu-uk] Recommendations for a printer?

Michael Daniels michael_d at hotmail.co.uk
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Please be aware that most mono laser printers can be refilled for a few £'s, typically £'s 7-15, often providing more toner than that provided by the printer manufacturer. New cartridge prices can be almost as much as the printer. I had an HP inkjet printer for 10 years, always used recycled cartridges and never had any problems. An internet search of reviewed printers is a good source of performance information, most recent printers are Linux compatible, or Ubuntu forum pages can provide "how to" information, or ask here on the list. Computeractive have published many printer reviews, their information pages can be accessed without a subscription. Hope it helps.Michael

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> > Epson, the last time I looked, needed a different driver for each
> > printer&  I had to make a directory deep in the spooler hierarchy to
> > get the driver to install for the cheap all-in-one I was testing.
> > There were also separate drivers for scanning and so on.
> I have a Epson dx4800 all-in-one inkjet printer that just works when 
> plugged into 10-04 or 11-10 only thing I needed was xsane? i think it's 
> called to get scanner to work. printer about £50 inks £12 a set!
> > Canon - many Pixma models do work, but again, there are lots of
> > different drivers for different model ranges. It's not quite one per
> > model but there were quite a few to choose from.
> >
> > I've tried a couple of Kodaks and they worked well too, once the
> > specific driver was installed - which was a battle as Kodak don't make
> > them readily available. Kodak have some of the cheapest ink around, I
> > believe.
> >
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