[ubuntu-uk] Recommendations for a printer?

Pete Smout psmouty at live.com
Wed Jan 25 18:43:02 UTC 2012

> Epson, the last time I looked, needed a different driver for each
> printer&  I had to make a directory deep in the spooler hierarchy to
> get the driver to install for the cheap all-in-one I was testing.
> There were also separate drivers for scanning and so on.

I have a Epson dx4800 all-in-one inkjet printer that just works when 
plugged into 10-04 or 11-10 only thing I needed was xsane? i think it's 
called to get scanner to work. printer about £50 inks £12 a set!

> Canon - many Pixma models do work, but again, there are lots of
> different drivers for different model ranges. It's not quite one per
> model but there were quite a few to choose from.
> I've tried a couple of Kodaks and they worked well too, once the
> specific driver was installed - which was a battle as Kodak don't make
> them readily available. Kodak have some of the cheapest ink around, I
> believe.

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