[ubuntu-uk] Tomboy alternative

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 13:06:37 UTC 2012

On 05/01/12 12:46, Jon Reynolds wrote:
> On 2012-01-05 12:23, Simon Greenwood wrote:
>> Etherpad is sort of similar but doesn't use the sticky note paradigm, or
>> you might want something like Evernote or Catch. Catch doesn't have a
>> supported Linux app but I've found it to be better as a mobile note
>> taker.
> I use Catch, as it is good on the mobile (Android) and if I need to 
> access it on a desktop I just go to catch.com and sign in to see/edit 
> my notes.
> -- 
> Jon Reynolds (j0nr)
Ooh, now you gave the web address, found it, will see if I can give that 
a go.......thanks......

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