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Thu Aug 16 22:06:31 UTC 2012

Not forgetting OggCamp this weekend!, are you planning another group photo
like last year?

On 16 August 2012 22:41, Alan Bell <alanbell at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> We have a number of excuses coming up to go out and have fun together, and
> I think we should grab all of these chances with all the hands we can muster
> 6th-9th September
> Ubuntu Global Jam
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/**UbuntuGlobalJam<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam>This is a few days set aside for activities to improve Ubuntu, we have done
> a variety of online activities in the past and I think that might work well
> again this time, possibly using Google Hangouts to get together and do some
> testing of the new Quantal release or other activities suggested on the
> wiki page, please reply with suggestions of things you would like to do for
> this and we will try and make it happen. I think I will be a bit busy
> working at the Paralympics when this is happening but I would love to see
> the UK contributing bugs and fixes and such to Quantal as part of the
> Global Jam.
> 13th September
> Brighton Happy Hour - someone suggested Brighton and the date which is a
> great idea, but I don't recall who it was, or what pub was specified,
> Someone pick a pub in Brighton and lets make this happen!  Please can
> people in the area reply with pub suggestions and a general agreement on
> the date.
> 22nd September
> Farnham Happy Hour - various people are in the area or visiting and a
> happy hour has been suggested, lets go to The Slug & Lettuce
> http://www.thegoodpubguide.co.**uk/pub/view/The-Slug-&-**Lettuce-GU9-7RX<http://www.thegoodpubguide.co.uk/pub/view/The-Slug-&-Lettuce-GU9-7RX>(I will set up the loco directory event thing)
> 18th October
> Launch of Ubuntu 12.10 the Quantal Quetzal - This will probably be a pub
> meet up in London, I will talk to some Canonical contacts about the venue
> for this.
> 29th November
> We have had a request for a London Happy Hour around the end of November,
> we have met up a number of times in West London, lets go East for this one,
> perhaps somewhere near the Olympic Venues in Stratford or closer to the
> river. I will check out some pubs for this one (always happy to do that
> kind of research)
> December sometime
> Christmas event! What should we do this year, last year was a fascinating
> but rather pricey meal served in pitch darkness at Dans Le Noir. What would
> you like to do this year? Classy meal?/Night at a show?/Pie and a
> Pint?/Coffee and mince pies at Starbucks?/Group visit to Bletchley
> Park?/something else? let me know your thoughts and I will see what can be
> sorted out.
> Alan.
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